Mounting Windows Partitions in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu will automatically mount external drives, but it will not automatically mount internal drives. So this will show you how to mount (or make available for use) internal NTFS-formatted (i.e., Windows) drives in Ubuntu.

Mount Windows through the menu

First click on the Home Folder to open the file browser.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu just identifies drives by their capacities. So in this case I just happen to know the 64 GB partition is the NTFS one, so if I click it, it'll mount and open.

(If you're using classic Gnome, or if you're using Ubuntu 10.04, you can achieve the same thing as these first two steps by clicking on Places and then selecting the appropriate partition by size.)

You'll then see all your Windows files available for viewing and editing.

Mount Windows at boot time

If you want the Windows partition permanently mounted at boot time, there's a graphical program for that called ntfs-config, which you can find in the Ubuntu Software Center. It's a bit buggy in Ubuntu 12.04, and it doesn't even work at all in 11.10, but you may have some luck with it in 11.04 or 10.04.

Still a bit buggy in 12:10 when you select options. It may crash. Eventually, though, the settings may stick when you reboot.

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